Wednesday, 4 August 2010

travelog: 3 days

in the name of ALLAH the most GRACIOUS, most MERCIFUL.

berjaya menghabiskan travelog cinta abadi. mentang-mentanglah dah umur 18.. tajuk buku pun tak boleh tahan. hehe. tapi hakikatnya, buku tu menceritakan hakikat cinta abadi kita kepada ALLAH. sinergi pun berjaya dihabiskan. minggu ni mmg ngantuk dalam kelas.. ada masalah?

yang paling best tentang minggu ni.. ALLAH kejut aku tiap-tiap hari pukul 4 /5 pagi walau penat mcm mana penat sekalipun aku.

exam ekonomi. time exam pun ngantuk. apa nak jadi dgn saya?

ayah suruh saya dan adik saya join tuisyen +math dan bahasa arab. saya ikut aje. saya pilih cikgu lokman loh. saya harap dia dan kami dapat memberi komitmen sebaik mungkin.

masa perhimpunan. mlm fadzil x galakkan banat kelepet tudung bahagian atas. apakah signifikannya? wallahu a'lam.

anak murid hafazan saya berjaya menamatkan silibus. alhamdulillah. barakallahu laki. uhibbuki fillah ya ukhti.

i find arabic is very interesting.

have to attend ihya' ramadhan meeting. somehow husna salleh put me as the co. nonsense. but after we have some argument(konon je).. finally she have decided to put me as her co. whatever. we have planned many activities.. i cant wait. ya ALLAH, help us!

today, we have english subject. teacher norlida ask the whole class to make a group of 4. then, discuss. this is oral.oh! my group is: me, fatin naimah, aimi atiqah and amalina. i suggested to put : why hijab is so important for women today as our oral topic. we are going to present this oral by doing live programme on tv presentation. i act as the reporter, while the three are going to act as woman who are giving their opinion on hijab. i hope we will get the best mark. ameen!
mlmh norlida told us that there are 1 group who are going to discuss on topic: the early marriage. i'm really sure.. that this is the effect of studying the fiqh munakahat with muallim fadzil.. akakaka.

this friday, the UP's team will open our booth sempena ramadhan. i hope the whole school will support us by buying our stuff. we will use the profit for the sake of UP, i meant for the sake of this school holisticly.

yesterday, my neighbour just arrived from mesir. i really miss her. when i attend to her house, we have some hot discussion between me, her mom , her, and her siblings. for sure it is about her marriage.. but she is not planning to marry yet.

this week. i'm open my eyes and heart widely. what for? for feel the surrounding's heart. i meant my friends.. my usrah.. my junior, myself and so on..

talk about marriage.. rasa nak tergelak pulak. 1 of my anak usrah adviced me to study and think about my future first before i get married. baik bos! last night, ive accompanied my mother to syabab, pkns. when we were on our way to reach car.. suddenly we met mlmh solehah,my childhood teacher. she said that: wah, dah anak dara dah dia.. (what?.. what about before this? i let my aqal to think stupidly.. how come? ceh).. my maid pulak said that i have to finish my study first then i'll get married.. woa..! whatever it is.. saya serahkan kepada ALLAH taala dgn doa: semoga saya dapat suami yang soleh dan pandai..(...)

ok then.

make sure that u are pretty strong to celebrate the whole ramadhan.. x sabanya! uh!

wallahu a'lam..


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Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah Hanifah. I'm proud of you.. the courage u show to make amove in ur life would definitely superb! Keep it up! Don't look backward.. the future is still alot to do,,,,, For sure with the help of Allah, everything will go as Allah planned.